Innerworld of the Outerworld of the Innerworld at Soy Capitán, Berlin

Installation image, pictured here: Matt Jones, Andre Butzer, and another Matt Jones.

Incessantly we perceive. Incessantly we communicate. But what do we really see? What do we feel? What speaks to us? What do we express? And from where? Completely beside or all by ourselves? World and self have become strangers not only to each other, but rather to themselves. There seems to be nothing to hold on to. Everything falters unfamiliarly or just fades.


But maybe, the porous outside and the closed inside are mutually dependant. Not separate, but complementary parts of the same spatial experience. Fragile, yet whole. Possible abode would be neither in one nor in the other extreme, but in their center, balancing and equilibrating everything that passes through. In such mindful and reciprocal reference, world and self are able to re-connect. Image and sensation fit together anew.


With THE INNERWORLD OF THE OUTERWORLD OF THE INNERWORLD, Soy Capitán is pleased to address the complex connexion of nature and landscape, body and perception, in the humble simplicity of works on paper. The exhibition brings together a variety of individual voices and gazes. Each piece appears as a careful getting acquainted and familiarization with the world surrounding and the self fulfilling us. At the same time, each work reveals an encompassing reality, always newly created:

Places inscribed in color and movement. Windows as blind in-betweens, staring back at us. The ever-changing rise and fall of light and things. Absurd nocturnal accumulations. The constant blurring of impressions and reflections. Fractured self-observations, as blunt as delicate. The tenderness of a ceaseless blossoming. And the intricately inverse relations between you and me.


An exhibition conceived by Heike Tosun, Sophie Prager and Christian Malycha.