November 2nd

M Street Gallery

Jersey City

November 2, 2020 – January 6, 2021

Limb, 2020
Sumi ink and watercolor on Bristol paper
9x12 inches

Press Release



"November 2nd"


November 2, 2020 - January 6, 2020


"The Eve of Election Day. A fresh cycle of power, a regeneration of control, a recapitulation of dominance. A society creased and crumpled. Sectarianism. Resentment. Paranoia. The credulous listen, the naive act, the ignorant speak. Lives of passion and lassitude. No one not addicted. A violent heritage. Utopian dreams. Anger. Solitude. Fear. Thieves lead. Heroes despair. Meaninglessness as a fashion. Absurdity as an ethos. Unabating consumption. Arrogance. Avarice. Fury. New gods for a new era. Trapped in an exaggerated pose. A circle of infinite irony. Succumbing to inevitability. Truth is a fiction. Terror is a stimulant. Nightmares fuel the imagination.


A prophecy: you emerge from the dark, renewed by resilience, transmuted in the forge of catastrophe, warmed in the glow of tomorrow's dawn.”


Participating Artists:
Amanda Brown
Amanda Church
Ashley Norwood Cooper
Bea Modisett
Becky Brown
Beth Kamenstein
Brittany Miller
Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda
Christina Barrera
Dana Kotler
Daniel Herr
Daphne Arthur
Erin Hinz
Gabriela Vainsencher
Gary Petersen
Giordanne Salley
Gyan Shrosbree
Jason Stopa
Jin Jeong
Keisha Prioleau-martin
Khatia Esartia
Kiwha Lee Blocman
Mary Laube
Matt Jones
Matt Phillips
Michelle O'Connell
Minku Kim
Priscilla Fusco
Rachel Deane
Staver Klitgaard
Stephanie Pierce
Steven Harvey
Susanna Coffey
Sydney Shavers
Talia Levitt
Thea Rose Gregorius
Yan Cynthia Chen
Zoe McGuire


"Election Day Eve" by C.A.Helbig



M Street Gallery


42 Mercer Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

M Street Gallery is a project space in Jersey City, NJ. The gallery is dedicated to presenting emerging and mid-career artists.

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