A Gathering

The Catskills

368 Broadway

June 5 – 29, 2021

Installation view: Matt Jones, Warren Dykemann, Sydney Shavers, Staver Klitgaard, Kristina Schmidt, Zoé de Soumagnat, and Kati Gegenheimer (above).

Zoé de Soumagnat, Whitney Harrist, Matt Jones, and Jason Stopa.

Whitney Harris and Matt Jones.

Noelle Velez, Mark Thomas Gibson, Polina Tereshina (above and below), and Matt Jones.

Press Release


A Gathering

June 5-29, 2021

Open Saturday-Sunday 1-6 PM and weekdays by appointment

Opening Celebration June 5, 2-5 PM


Participating artists:

Kadar Brock
Warren Dykeman
Kati Gegenheimer
Mark Thomas Gibson
Whitney Harris
Matt Jones
Staver Klitgaard
Kristina Schmidt
Sydney Shavers
Jason Stopa
Zoé de Soumagnat
Polina Tereshina
Noelle Velez 


The Catskills is proud to present A Gathering—a carrier bag, a medicine bundle, a belly, a box, a house, a mouth, an exhibition that gathers the drawings and paintings of thirteen artists with a shared attention to stylized cartoon-adjacent aesthetics. Focused on the relationships between figuration, abstraction, and language, A Gathering presents the absurd, the anxious, the accumulated, the embodied…seeking no resolution and avoiding stasis through making.


As we organized the show, we returned again and again to Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction. “A novel is a medicine bundle,” she writes, “holding things in a particular, powerful relation to one another and to us.” The gallery is our medicine bundle, embodied in the collective and our conversations, containing our drawn and painted questions, our gestures toward alternative worlds and narratives, those critical thoughts and feelings that ground us and nourish us during challenging cycles in life.


The Catskills is an artist-run project space located at 368 Broadway, #410, in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood. Many of the artists will be present during the opening celebration on June 5th.


The Catskills is open Saturday-Sunday 1-6 PM and weekdays by appointment.